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The Irie Foundation works year round to improve and create a positive impact on the lives of South Florida’s at-risk youth. Through a number of proactive initiatives, we are committed to helping kids get on the right track and strive for successful futures. The Foundation, which is supported by remarkable sponsors and partners, also hosts numerous fundraising events.

MIAMI, Fla. — Nothing will be off-limits is the promise made to those attending the first annual JAX Celebrity Roast, by television host and courtside reporter for Miami HEAT telecasts, Jason Jackson, as he announces the debut of his star-studded evening in the oven, taking place on Saturday, October 22nd at EPIC Hotel in downtown Miami.

One of today’s most beloved celebrities from the sports and entertainment world — DJ Irie — has been selected as the first personality to be sworn-in to the hot seat for a highly anticipated evening rendition of “no holds barred” verbal brutality from the series of Celebrity Roasters who are lining-up to take revenge on their much loved hometown hero. The JAX Celebrity Roast is considered to be the first event of its kind in Florida.